Drum Lessons 

5 Reasons why you should learn to play the Drums

#1 Its FUN! 

Playing the drums is great fun. No matter your ability level. You can     easily beat out a rhythm on the drums. 

#2  Its the heartbeat to most musical style

Think of your favourite songs on the radio, whatever musical genre they may be. You will hear the drum beat carrying through the music. Having these drum element in music is what makes you want to MOVE, tap your foot, shake your body etc…..

#3  Helps your concentration and coordination skills.

When you’re playing in a band or ensemble, its important that as a drummer you do not disturb the tempo of the song.  The more practice you put into drumming the more you can hold your concentration for long periods of time.  Your coordination skills will improve . All of this will benefit you in everyday activities as well.

#4  Stress Relief 

Theres nothing better than having a blast on the drum kit with the drum sticks. The adrenaline takes away the stress whether you have had a tough day at school or work. You will always feel refreshed after having a go! 

#5  Its quieter and smaller than you think

If you are worried about the neighbours complaining about the sound, the electric drum kit is the solution. Its small, quiet and can be played through headphones, also they are very affordable.