Picking is one of the most important skill used to play the guitar, almost everything we play involves picking the strings.  We will teach you how to hold the pick correctly so that you can play the correct strings accurately.


We will teach you all the common chords used in pop and rock songs.

The more chords you know, the more songs you can play.


Arpeggio is another way of playing chords. Basic picking skill is required in order to play the arpeggios smoothly. Think of “Stairway to heaven” by Led Zeppelin


Rhythm is arguably the most important aspect of music.  Its what drives the music and keeps it going. We will teach you about time signature, different types of strumming patterns and playing songs in time.


Scales are great for finger exercises, you will also learn about the notes on the guitar fretboard. Scales are used to play melodies, guitar solos in songs.


Learning to read music is like learning a new language. The sound of music is represented with symbols. We will teach you how to read music from notes, duration to all other common symbols. We will also teach you how to read ‘TAB’ which is a very effective way of guitar notation system.


Being able to play the music that you’re hearing is very useful.  Some of the greatest guitarist have learnt to play the guitar by ear! Tommy Emmanual, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Slash… just to name a few. We will do ear training exercise in a fun and effective way!