Five key aspects of the G Major Northbridge Guitar Lessons Method


To be successful at anything you attempt, you need to be able to measure it through a specific goal and by mastering specific skills. Hence the 7 essential skills. Once you have mastered each skill and can perform songs to an acceptable level you will move to the next level.


This is one of the most important aspects of learning anything. The amount of time you invest in practicing will determine the quality of your achievements. A practice log is a good way for you, and your teacher to monitor your progress.


Most people need motivation to prevent them from giving up a task. Once you have established your goal and developed a good practice routine, inevitably motivation tends to follow. Human nature naturally gravitates towards incentive and when you can see improvement and an increase in your skill level, this inspires you to continue to improve.


If you are having a problem with a certain aspect of your lessons, it’s important to get in touch via email. You shouldn’t wait until the next lesson, as this could be demotivating. Having access to support will allow you to learn faster and also get a second opinion.


“The greatest ideas are the simplest.” -William Golding, Lord of The Flies


If something is easy to understand then motivation, perseverance and success are far more within reach. Our Method is simple yet extremely effective, allowing anyone at all to achieve their dream of learning to play the guitar.